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Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Right for You?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often an option for debtors who do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In order to be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the following must be true:

  • You are filing as an individual or part of a married couple.
  • You have completed credit counseling.
  • You have submitted or are willing to submit a complete list of all your creditors, including the amount you owe to each.
  • You are employed and able to provide information about your income. (Self-employed individuals may also file.)
  • You have large assets you wish to protect, such as real estate or other real property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a favorable solution for you and your loved ones if you are unable to continue paying off your debts due to a financially devastating life event, such as:

  • Job loss and inability to find comparable employment
  • Death of a family member, especially if the deceased person was the primary breadwinner
  • Serious and costly medical issues, such as cancer

What Happens in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

During a Chapter 13 case, the court will supervise the reorganization of your debts. This process requires you to create and submit a repayment plan. This plan will allow you to pay back at least as much of your debt as you would if filing for a different form of bankruptcy.

Your Chapter 13 plan must span between three and five years. During this time, you will make agreed-upon payments to an impartial, third party called a trustee. The bankruptcy trustee will then distribute payments among your creditors.

Once the court approves your repayment plan, you will not have to interact with your creditors at all.

Can I File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Without Hiring an Attorney?

No. There are certain times in life when it pays to bring in an expert – and bankruptcy is one of them. You should always consult an attorney before filing your bankruptcy petition, even if you feel certain that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the way to go.

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Results That Prove Themselves

Notable Cases
  • Successful Defense Thomas v. Kuhn

    Successful defense of a title company in a trustee's efforts to invalidate a mortgage and take property of debtor for benefit of creditors of the debtor.

  • Successful Appeal In re DeVito

    When a Ch. 13 plan is filed it becomes the plan, superseding all previously filed plans. Court was wrong to dismiss case based on the non-confirmability of a chapter 13 plan that had been amended

  • Successful Judgment Dawson v. J&B Detail

    Court determination that "On-Time Pay System" (kill-switch) is an attempt to collect a debt and must be removed from a vehicle upon the filing of a Ch. 13 bankruptcy)

  • Successful Defense Jennings v. Bodrick

    Creditor argued that debtor was in on a Nigerian scam to invest in the international sale of auto parts.

  • First Circuit Court Level Decision In re Davis

    Sixth Circuit found that debtor's filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy are permitted to continue deductions made from payroll into retirement in the Means Test and can continue to fund the retirement plan throughout the life of the chapter 13 plan provided the debtor was doing so prior to the filing of the Chapter 13.

  • Successful Defense Rhiel v. Seye (In re Kebe)

    Represented the 3rd party co-owner of property, showing that value of property to Seye outweighed the value of the property to the creditors of the debtor's bankruptcy estate.

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